Claim the Stage: A Public Speaking Podcast for Women

Welcome! Claim the Stage is a podcast for women who want to discover, awaken, and create their voice through the art of public speaking. Hosted by Angela Lussier, an award-winning professional speaker, author, and CEO + founder of the Speaker Sisterhood. Learn more:
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Claim the Stage: A Public Speaking Podcast for Women


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Jul 28, 2016

If this interview was a breakfast cereal, it would be called "Ultimate Supreme 500 Ingredient Mashup." We took this show in many different directions as I learned about my guest, Heathere Evans-Keenan, and her background, unexpected medical diagnosis, personal philosophy about sickness, and how her entire life (and work) changed. In this episode, we discuss the 70,000 thoughts we have each day and what you can do to change them for the better, how your choices are held in your body and what they do to you, how she flipped her well-known brand in a seamless way, what 86% of women (and 82% of men) wish they could change about themselves, and how to reach your full potential. We also go into Heathere's advice for speakers and how to build a simple, consistent brand even if you have lots of interests and offerings. It's a random mashup of awesomeness and you won't want to miss it! 

Jul 20, 2016

Kelly Coffey is a personal trainer who used to weigh over 300 pounds. She is the voice behind the blog at where she helps women who struggle with their weight and their choices to get happily grounded in healthier habits. Her work gets down to the root of why we sabotage ourselves and the tools she teaches are just as relevant to women in the speaking business as they are to women who are trying to improve their health. 

In this episode, you'll learn how Kelly went from personal trainer to becoming a top speaker and thought leader in the fitness field, why we sabotage ourselves, important signs to pay attention to if you are sabotaging yourself (and what to do next), the mental tricks to attacking self-sabotage, an ideal way to behave if you are afraid to speak on stage, and where to focus your attention once making the decision to move out of self-sabotage. 

This is an action-packed episode! Enjoy. 

*This episode includes explicit content.*

Jul 13, 2016

I'm so excited to announce my 10th episode! This felt like a major milestone, so I went all out and created a really fun mystery episode for you. Since the contents of this episode is a secret, I'll just say that you might hear about a sushi burrito, wild ponies, a 6 foot tall top hat, music, and other unexpected topics for a public speaking podcast. Enjoy!

Jul 6, 2016

Amber Dugger is a money geek, knitter, avid cyclist, wine lover, yogi and lover of all things green. She escaped her cubicle in July of 2015 after 15 years in soul-sucking corporate finance. Amber now combines holistic health coach training with her extensive financial background to guide fellow entrepreneurs in gaining clarity on their money mindset and associated emotions and behaviors. In this episode, we start off by talking about her fascinating transition from full-time work to the unknown world of entrepreneurship. We then talk about money mindset as it pertains to speakers - specifically, how to think about money and how to value what you do. You'll also learn how to write an awesome pitch, how to change your beliefs about money, the biggest pricing mistakes speakers make (and how to avoid them), and the #1 thing you need to focus on when choosing your rates.